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STATS PASS® is a 24/7 online statistics, scouting reports and historical research tool.

STATS PASS® has the ability to uniquely tailor its databases and develop individual custom reports. The system draws upon STATS' proprietary databases and taps a countless supply of statistical leaders and trailers, splits, situational breakdowns and player and team game logs and rankings. Other benefits include vast customization features, the ability to e-mail, download and print reports.

STATS PASS® is a password-protected site updated overnight throughout the season. STATS offers a STATS PASSĀ® product for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Nippon Pro Baseball, Soccer, NCAA football and NCAA men's and women's basketball.

Broadcasters use STATS PASS® to create graphics and provide interesting stat anecdotes for their announcers. Teams use the product in several areas - including media relations, scouting, and in the front office. STATS' research staff uses the product religiously creating stat nuggets for media clients and in research for teams and agents used in contract negotiations and arbitration hearings.