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DAV - Telestration DAV - Data Flow

Sony has partnered with STATS’ SportVU player tracking technology to develop its Sony's Data Augmented Video (DAV). The creation of additional content for a range of multi-screen production needs provides both new insight into sports broadcasting, and increased potential for revenue generation. In addition, future opportunities include its use as an advanced coaching tool as part of a wider solution, with new ways of evaluating player and team performance.

DAV represents the next tier of analysis tool, primarily for soccer, but potentially across a range sports. Enhancing video footage with information graphics, sourced from STATS’ SportVU system, enables both production teams and viewers to see matches from new, crucial perspectives, in greater detail. Sony’s new platform enables this to be achieved live, allowing the inclusion of data enhanced video clips within an event replay sequence for the first time.

Sony's solution captures and presents the imagery while STATS' SportVU player tracking system provides next-generation, real-time data for all 22 players, 3 referees and the ball. SportVU’s powerful lineup of unique performance data, highlighting speed profiles, accumulated distances, fitness graphs and coverage heat maps, make for invaluable analysis points across sports media and scouting – all in real-time. Furthermore, these dramatic viewing enhancements create new interactive advertising opportunities, generate new revenue streams and make sponsoring brands a part of the action.

Key Features

  • 1K x 6K Camera Stitched image delivers a complete view of a pitch or court - all-over pitch action is captured, nothing is left ‘out-of-shot’.
  • Live, real-time broadcast capabilities, provides footage for live feeds, review analyses, replay and multi-view opportunities without the need for graphic rendering time
  • Real-time data enables real-time graphics, with accurate player coverage throughout an entire match. This not only provides additional tools with which to review team and player tactics and performance, but also enables swifter injury diagnosis and more effective medical assistance.
  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D production outputs reduce the need for additional equipment, saving on space and production costs.
  • Camera-agnostic programming allows the current HD camera investment to be safeguarded against new technology replacement.
  • Service is suitable for delivery through existing outside broadcast facilities or data providers
  • Enhanced sports and broadcast match analysis