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Research Support

Game Notes

Game Notes are in-depth statistical reports that analyze player and team information to assist producers, talent and graphics coordinators in developing the focus and story lines for the broadcast of each game. Game Notes are formatted in such a way so that each note is readily transferrable into graphics boards and/or verbal commentary by the announcers.

MLB Example

  • Series and team matchup content
  • Current streaks and trends
  • Player and team rankings
  • Starting pitcher notes
  • Starting pitcher comparisons
  • Matchup information (batter vs. pitcher, player vs. team, player vs. player)
  • Records/historical significance
  • Split analysis (and splits of splits)
  • Utilize STATS’ proprietary X-infoTM data
  • Span information (player success over the course of last 10 games, etc.)
  • Historical player comparisons
Bullet Points

Bullet Points contain quick-hit preview facts written by STATS researchers for every game/series in each league as well as up-to-date standings (and probable pitchers for MLB). Bullet Points provide an overall picture of current happenings around the league. They often help fill-in the blanks during pre-game and in-game broadcasts. Bullet Points can also be provided for the Top 25 schools in college football and men's basketball on a weekly basis.

Research Hotline

STATS' Research Group is available for hotline support 365 days a year. Our veteran researchers and database programmers answer research requests in the preparation of game broadcasts, pre-game and post-game shows, while providing a lifeline for "hot" requests during live broadcasts.