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Real Time

STATS leverages top-notch internal production and Web hosting expertise to provide enhanced sports information via highly customized electronic feeds that exactly meet the needs of our clientele. As a result, fans enjoy more in-depth, interesting and accurate statistics on a ‘real-time’ basis. Moreover, our clients are more efficient because they can leverage resources that would have been used to manage a feed to other more profitable areas in their company due to STATS’ custom data feeds.

  • Official Data Distribution - STATS is the official data licensor for leagues throughout the globe
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  • In-Progress Scores - Scores for team and individual competitions updated as they happen across the globe
  • Comprehensive Box Scores - Box Scores with comprehensive play-by-play details, scoring, offensive, and defensive information, player and team statistics
  • In-Depth Statistics - STATS is the source for next generation sports statistics such as SportVU player tracking data and X-Info content
  • Customized Data Delivery - STATS is proficient in delivering data in various formats including XML, HTML, CSV and utilizes a variety of methods, both push and pull