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ICE Lite

ICE Lite is an interactive application utilizing cutting-edge technologies to access and manage critical analytical information. ICE Lite is a best in-class player and team evaluation system offering a new level of operational efficiency and strategic insight to your organization.

STATS’ new ICE Lite module presents data in an optimal and contextual manner and allows scouts and front-office personnel to better prepare their organization. ICE Lite enables detailed player comparison and evaluation using granular data queries such as STATS’ proprietary X-Info™. ICE Lite also empowers player evaluation, track player development and discover game planning insights.

Application Features:
  • Robust player evaluation capabilities - compare players on key metrics over set date ranges or week-to-week
  • Customized reporting experience and unique sorting capabilities to compare players
  • Break down of player performance on a game-by-game basis, enabling the analysis of performance against key competition
  • Connection to STATS’ unique services such as X-Info™ and SportVU
  • Comprehensive player statistics
  • Player search capabilities based on player metrics/statistics
  • Sorting and ranking players based on key performance metrics