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ICE Basketball

ICE provides an organization a best-in-class personnel management, player evaluation and game preparation system that creates new levels of operational efficiencies and strategic insights for basketball organizations.

Objective Analysis – Improved Decision Making

ICE highlights the use of objective analysis to foster an improved decision making process by leveraging innovative data and information assets. The ICE solution enhances objective player analysis for evaluating trades, potential draft selections or free agent acquisitions. By combining this detailed information into a single source application, teams are able to validate in-depth scouting analysis with objective information.

Operational Efficiency

By streamlining and improving the use of advanced analytics through an intuitive interface, ICE allows for the direct comparison and evaluation of players, teams and lineups. By leveraging our revolutionary SportVU player tracking data, ICE tags all game events directly to video, improving the scouting and game preparation processes in addition to providing personnel with access to never seen before information.

Integrated Data Platform

ICE was designed to act as a single source system that aligns a team’s entire knowledge base- everything from analytical data to player records to scouting information. By combining the unique properties of interactive technology tools with a team’s knowledge assets and STATS’ unique analytics, ICE dramatically increases the value of an organization’s current information, IT and video operations while providing a distinct competitive advantage.