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STATS GameZone is a web-based application that goes beyond the box score.

GameZone is the ideal white-label solution for real-time data and content. This hosted web solution provides an enhanced user experience with rich complementary information that is important to die-hard fans. The impressive display of real-time data and content provide a seamless transition between the first and second screen. Driven by HTML5, this comprehensive scoring application is fully compatible on multiple second-screen devices.

GameZone was built using the latest technology to maximize speed and flexibility of the application. Drag and drop information widgets allow the user to customize their online viewing experience. GameZone provides extensive branding and advertisement opportunities. GameZone provides unrivaled flexibility in integrating featured client content.

GameZone is available for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College Football and College Basketball.

Featured Widgets Include:

  • Pitch Tracker including Pitch Type, Velocity, and Location
  • Current Batter Statistics
  • Batter vs. Pitcher Comparison
  • Situational Statistics
  • Player and Team Shot Charts
  • Player and Team Shot Zones
  • Current Player Statistics
  • Plus/Minus Player Efficiency
  • Drive Chart
  • Current Player Statistics
  • Scoring Summary
  • Situational Statistics
  • Skaters Boxscore
  • Goalies Boxscore
  • Current Player Stats
  • Goal Scoring
  • Shots
  • Penalties
  • Formations, Shot Charts, Average Player Position
  • Current Player Statistics
  • Match Progression Timeline
  • Lineups, Substitutions, Bookings
  • Player Tracking Data (where available)