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Fan Experience

fan experience The growing challenge facing teams and venue operators today is identifying unique ways to differentiate the in-venue experience from the robust options now available to fans at home. As innovation extends boundaries and creates more consumer options, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and retain fans. STATS’ custom ‘Fan Experience’ solutions allow you to reach fans on a one-to-one level within the venue.

STATS delivers compelling content with engaging technical experiences that your fans can’t enjoy at home. STATS helps improve your fan experience through new technologies that provide access to our unique content and a new level of real-time information access on demand. Take your fan experience initiatives to the next level with unique combination of sports content and interactive applications that can be deployed through your venue’s digital infrastructure, distributed to suites, or sent right to your fans’ mobile devices.

Create a compelling sports experience for your fans. Custom interactive experiences from STATS will:

  • Maximize fan/consumer interaction and dwell time
  • Provides a unique platform for sponsorship opportunities
  • Enroll the usage of social media to promote communication and collaboration across the user base
  • Create diversified experiences which will appeal to numerous consumer types, from intense users to a casual audience
Fan Experience Case Study
    case study

    Challenge: Engage fans in the stadium concourse while delivering exceptional sponsor ROI and activation.

    Solution: STATS develops rich client fan experience applications that allow fans to dive into unique and in-depth statistics across multiple sports. STATS application resides on a touch screen platform, engaging the consumer via interactivity and data visualization. Sponsor integration and extended time spent with the application increases brand dwell time with the consumer.

    User Story: A fan on his way to his seat at a Chicago White Sox game stops to interact with a US Cellular sponsored table top unit. The fan quickly explores Adam Dunn hitting information; even as a casual fan he knows that the opponent shifts the infield for Dunn at bats. The fan is presented in-depth hit chart information, allowing him to gain deeper insight to the strategy of the game. The fan is able to save the report and have it sent directly to his phone, allowing US Cellular to actively engage with the user.