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National Basketball Association
STATS offers a complete turn-key solution of real-time scores, statistics, schedules, standings, results and historical information for the NBA, WNBA and NBA Development League. STATS also packages revolutionary statistics breaking down the most detailed events that occur in each game throughout the course of the season.

STATS provides shot charts available in real-time or post-game and include breakdowns, such as: shot x/y coordinates, shot types, makes, misses, shots by team and shots by quarter. As always STATS provides unrivaled Associated Press editorial and photos including breaking news, game previews and recaps.

SportVU Player Tracking Technology
In addition to traditional event-based data, STATS delivers a world-class tracking solution that offers the next generation of sports statistics. Utilizing a sophisticated technology software algorithm to collect the X/Y positioning data of the ball and participants on the court, STATS analyzes the accumulated data streams and compiles meaningful information and insights.

This year, STATS’ SportVU Player Tracking technology is in every NBA arena. NBA teams are utilizing innovative statistics based upon speed, distance, player separation and ball possession.

Visit our SportVU section for more information on player tracking.

NCAA Division I (Men's)
STATS offers an extensive array of content for NCAA Men’s Division One basketball. Our play-by-play coverage of Top 25 and major conference games is complete with real-time box scores and scoring information. In addition to Associated Press editorial and photos, STATS also provides schedules, standings, rankings and historical information.

NCAA Division I (Women's)
STATS delivers an extensive offering for NCAA Women’s Division One basketball comprising of schedules, standings, results and post-game box scores. In-progress score and time information will also be available for all Women’s Division One games.

Women's National Basketball Association
STATS supplies in-depth coverage for the Women’s National Basketball Association. STATS offers schedules, standings, and results at the end of each game, in addition to providing in-progress score and time updates and post-game box score details. Associated Press editorial and photos will also be available including match previews and recaps for each game.

Additional Coverage
STATS also offers Basketball coverage for the following leagues and championships:

  • ACB Spanish Basketball League
  • Euroleague
  • Italy Serie A (Men's)
  • Eurocup Basketball
  • FIBA World Championships (Men's and Women's)
  • FIBA America Championships (Men's and Women's)
  • FIBA Asia Championships (Men's and Women's)
  • FIBA European Championships (Men's and Women's)
  • FIBA Oceania Championships (Men's and Women's)
  • NBL Australia (Men's and Women's)
  • PBA Philippine Cup
  • Philippine Commissioner's Cup
  • Super Basketball League
  • Turkish National Basketball League
  • William Jones Cups (Men's and Women's)

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