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Major League Baseball
STATS is the industry leader for Major League Baseball content. We offer a complete, turn-key solution of real-time scores, statistics, schedules, standings, results and historical information. STATS also packages revolutionary X-Info™ statistics, which break down the most detailed events that occur in each game throughout the course of the season.

As always STATS provides unrivaled Associated Press editorial and photos including breaking news, game previews and recaps.

Minor League Baseball
STATS provides a complete package for Minor League Baseball including box-scores, schedules, standings and results.

Nippon Professional Baseball
STATS’ portfolio for the Japanese Professional Baseball includes live pitch-by-pitch and play-by-play game data, as well as live pitch type and location information.

Caribbean World Series
STATS supplies in-depth coverage of the Caribbean World Series. STATS offers schedules, standings and results at the end of each game in addition to providing in-progress linescore updates and post-game box score details. Associated Press editorial and photos will also be available in both Spanish and English.

Latin American Baseball
STATS offers post-game results and standings for Dominican Winter League, Mexican Pacific League, Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League and the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

World Baseball Classic
STATS delivers a complete offering for the World Baseball Classic comprising of schedules, standings, results and in-progress box scores including individual statistics for both batters and pitchers.